We do not have a full set of “The Joy of Christmas” Jamestown China serving set. In fact we only had like 8 dinner plates, 11 tea cup saucers, and 10 tea cup or coffee mugs. It was a cute holiday set my husband and I found while browsing at a local community store. We
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My little pony sets!

I think the girls lucked out big time in their my little pony collection. Abigail even ran back into the bedroom to bring out some of their ponies and doll playset to play with her sister. They really love the My Little Pony Roller-skate Party Cake Play set! I did buy that gently used at
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Christmas Memories of Christmas Lights

The photo is of a little holiday plaque / wall decoration I picked up for like 79 cents a couple of days ago. I couldn’t resist it and the words on it are so true. It says “Christmas memories melt your heart”. They sure do! I remember one year as a child going with my
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coloring some more

I really enjoy coloring with the girls. Abigail kept sticking the crayons in my bottle of orange juice or trying to chew them. She’s teething bad but with some baby orajel and cuddle time she is sound asleep. So that leaves Livy and I coloring and watching a movie together.

so glad we bought this!

I mentioned yesterday that I bought this musical toy for 2.99$. I cleaned it up and my youngest girl had a blast playing with it last night. ** Well this morning, both girls kept taking turns carrying it around. As soon as either of them sat down to play it, the other came over to join
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