crazy owls

I think I purchased these crazy owls at a thrift store. Its honestly been so long I can;t really remember. It could very well have been at a yard or garage sale. I never really seen anything like them before and the wild colors just caught my attention. I had them hanging up in my
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Cast Iron Cooking Utensils

I found some cast iron cooking utensils! Its the complete set as far as I know, though there is a cast iron hanging stand that goes with it. I know my mom had all five pieces since these use to adorn the fireplace inside of my childhood home. I haven’t come across the stand just
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vintage German steins

I found two of my grandmothers vintage German steins. I don’t really know much about them other than she said she got them as gifts from a loved one who served over in Germany during one of the World Wars. They both are musical beer steins.

Military Medals / Pins?

I bought these two military Medals / Pins (??) a long time ago at a thrift store in Florida.  At the time when I picked them up it was just because they looked neat and I was in the habit to pick up odds and end jewelry to embellish candles or lamps or pillows.  They
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Bunny Basket 79 cents!

Another major splurge for shopping today was the purchase of this Easter decoration piece. Its a ceramic basket shaped Easter themed bowl. I just loved all the colors on it d the art. Its got a super cute bunny and decorative eggs. The price on it was to good to be true. 79 cents!  I’m
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luck o' the Irish

I know since we are moving I should not be buying silly things to add into the big collection of boxes and things my husband will most likely be moving by himself. Sure I will try to help  out but I will be keeping our toddler daughters out from under his feet. I just could
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Round four board game

I dragged out my old round four board game. Its a game that has a lot of fun memories! I picked it up at a thrift store  when collection searching with my mom. I use to play this game a lot with my nephew!  So its really nice to be playing it again, especially since
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Carebear Fun!

This morning the girls did a lot of imaginative play with their carebears.  I did wake up Olivia because I really thought she was sleeping too late. So she was a bit of a grumpy butt and just did NOT want to share her funshine bear.  Its just so cute how much she and Abby
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valentine's day

Is it to early to be thinking about valentine’s day? I hope not. It just might be on my mind since its about a month away.  I decided to go ahead and paint something for my perpetual calendar for the holiday. I started off with a purple backdrop. Then I painted a heart in red.
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