Apple blossom morning!

The early morning mist and some light rains have all the local fruit trees smelling extra fragrant today! This morning walk was extra delightful with my flower picker miss Abby and all the sights. I snapped this picture of some blooms on one of our Apple trees as I walked under it. Our pear trees
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Walking in a brook

The girls and I enjoyed a little bit of sight seeing. There was this really nice stream / brook that just beckoned us all to dip our feet and get a little wet. I really enjoyed the sounds of running water bubbling over the smooth rocks and tree stumps. The day was just nice outside.
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Walking down paths...

I took this picture when my family was going on a little “hike”. It was a path going down a little bit of an incline with a ton of trees and bushes around. It was when we went to the Warriors Path State Park. It was also the first time that my daughters Olivia and
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Should personal care end when you have a spouse?

I received a free sample of nail polish yesterday from Pinchme. While I was doing my nails I was talking to someone and offered them to use it too. We have shared countless bottles of nailpolish growing up. What surprised me was her saying she hadn’t painted her nails in years. It had been years
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My oldest daughter just enjoys running! When we were doing our family walks in the city she would have a blast running on the sidewalk. A number of times she has fallen and scrapped her knees badly. Yet she just has the determination to get up and continue doing it. Today, Olivia and Abigail just
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Picking wild flowers in the rain

It wasn’t a full out rain, more like a casual drizzle when my family did our walk. The sky was a dusty grey and every so often a drop of rain would fall on someone. It made Abigail giggle and Olivia flustered. She couldn’t find them when she looked! There are all sorts of wild
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Lovely walk today picking flowers

After lunch today my family and I enjoyed another scenic view of the mountains on our daily walk. These views are definitely the perk of living on a mountain. All the trees, grassy hills, rocks, and streams! When it rains there are sounds of lots of little “waterfalls”. Its just so gorgeous!