Valentines day

I received a lovely free oriental trading shopping guide today. So Olivia, Abigail, and I flipped through all the pages. Basically everything that looked like a sticker or was colorful Olivia said she wanted to do. So pretty much everything! Once we were done I decided on doing a little glue project. I folded up
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What do you love? for me I love a lot of things… Most importantly I love my family: my husband, our two daughters, and our three cats. I love our home we have together. I am so thankful we moved and are actually building a cozy home filled with love, warmth, and fun. I love
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valentine's day

Is it to early to be thinking about valentine’s day? I hope not. It just might be on my mind since its about a month away.  I decided to go ahead and paint something for my perpetual calendar for the holiday. I started off with a purple backdrop. Then I painted a heart in red.
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yay! kitchen is almost done!

My kitchen is just about completely done!!! I just need to mop the floor and wash some dinner dishes. I did a complete deep clean everywhere! Washed down and rearranged all stuff in the cabinets. Gone through our pantry and fridge! I even took a minor “break” to sit down and play a game of matching
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Valentines day 2013

Valentine Day was really great this year! After snuggle time I made pumpkin Spice and ginger pancakes. I had some fun playing with food coloring and making them festive. The girls and I did some crafting to make Jim a heart card.

Today has been a great day! I won a free photo book from walgreens and I made Jim a Christmas 2012 book for valentine Day. I really hope that he likes it and am tempted to give it to him now. Livy and Abby have been helping me scrapbook today. Livy is great at gluing
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making hearts

Livy is showing off her winter coatjim just got her! Now she’s all ready to really play in the snow and have fun doing some outside winter sports! Today we had some fun doing Abby’s carebear pictures and we made some cut out hearts for February!