Valentines day

V day 2017!

It was more or less a Valentine’s weekend! Olivias school had been cancelled for a few days in order to disinfect everything as so many students, teachers, and other staff had been out do to the flu going around. So we enjoyed an extra long weekend. My husband even had three of the four days
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Crochet purses/bags!

I wanted to try to make something cute and usable to my girls for valentines day. So this was done sneakily over a number of days when the girls were outside playing on their swing set while I crafted on the bench watching. It wasn’t easy since they kept asking what was I making. It
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I had to go get some cash back in order to do laundry the other day. So I ran into Walgreens to get some things and checked out their valentines day clearance stuff. They had some really cute plastic hearts and at first I picked up a package. I knew I could figure out a fun
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Heart Checkers!

This idea came about because I found a really fun item on major clearance / discount price after Valentines Day. Supplies:   Cardboard Crayons Valentines Day heart boxes*

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day! I almost did not get any time to write up anything for today! It has been wonderful! My husband and I went with our two daughters and had breakfast out with my sister and her boyo.  We all went to Golden Coral and were able to enjoy whatever we liked. My sister
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Valentines Day Guide

  February 14th is Valentines Day. Personally, I think Valentines Day is a wonderful holiday when the focus is on sharing and expressing love between people. It shouldn’t be just a one-sided affair of showering items over to one person. But a day best enjoyed by both individuals because they have love in their lives. Can Can
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Love Bingo!

My girls have really been enjoying playing bingo since we made a different bingo game for numbers. So I decided why not try to make one for Valentines Day?

I don’t think its only up to my husband to make Valentines Day special for our family. A loving relationship is a connection between at least two people and to keep it thriving and blossoming, it requires care from both parties. So I happily enjoyed making some different holiday inspired “art” around the house. My
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