Delilah update!

Delilah’s appointment with the pediatric gastric specialist went amazing! She is 20 lbs and 2 oz wearing a diaper, dress, and footed PJ / sleeper (it was cold this morning!). We went over the different foods tested for allergies and its just milk. She wont see them again for 3 months unless something else happens.
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football game snack ideas!!

The football pre-season has already started so that means its time to test new snack foods for game days! Today my husband and I experimented with some new snack ideas. He found the recipe on facebook and we improvised as best we could as we couldn’t remember the exact details nor find the directions again.
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O is for Olivia

My daughter Olivia has been asking to have either the watermelon or the cantaloupe cut since we purchased them at the store. I let the girls each pick out one whatever-item they want when we go grocery shopping. Olivia picked her cantaloupe and Abigail wanted a watermelon. So after dinner I started to cut up
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