rainy & snow days

Snow fun day!

I don’t believe it has snowed anymore lately but we still have a ton of snow on the ground from our last fall. The girls seemed pretty energetic so I bundled them up and took them outside to play some. While out there I also fixed a part of our fence and hung more lights
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Its snowing!

Its snowing! Today is like our second official snow fall for this winter season. The first was just a dusting that melted once it touched the ground. What we have falling down for most of the evening is actually sticking on the ground!!! I am hoping it will still be on the ground in the
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hot cocoa night

Last night was pretty darn chilly with the storm front moving in. We had the windows open and enjoyed a nice breeze and the smells and sounds of rain! Olivia asked for some hot cocoa and I obliged.

I ended up grabbing Olivia’s mattress and taking it out to the living room to make a bed on the floor. The girls have been having fun ‘camping’ out and reading the newspaper, coloring, and just playing around. It seemed like a nice thing to do that was a little bit different. The weather hasn’t
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Happy Birthday Abigail!

Today is my youngest girl’s first birthday!!! I already got her 12 month Carebear pictures taken but I might go for round two since she would not really smile. Her oldest sister snuck into the goodies for the party later tonight and had a sucker my youngest really wanted. She also had a little crying
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