Happy Birthday Livy!

Livy turned two today! I made her a double layered strawberry cake with cream cheese filling and icing! She had the biggest smile for her happy birthday song and loved opening presents! After getting so much for Christmas and some really great finds and sales she got even more great usable stuff for a growing
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Welcome 2013!

New years eve was the first of some long overdue choices! We enjoyed a nice evening at home free of drama and insults! Jim had to work early. I spent the day having our usual fun coloring and just enjoying the day. We also worked on a neat project that I planned semi last minute.

Nightmare Before Christmas Party

To kick off the holiday celebration last year we did a Nightmare before Christmas themed party. We invited everyone/whoever over to enjoy some treats, decorate some cakes,and play some cards!  I know my girls had a lot of fun even if Abby was cuddled or laying down among card piles.