Flowers Kindness Rock

This one made me think of Jesus and Easter. It was the perfect shape of an egg so I decorated it as such! Can you tell I’m eagerly waiting Spring? I can’t wait!

Bear Face

My daughter Olivia made this adorable Kindness Rock! I can’t believe today is her 7th Birthday!!!

Grow Kindness Rock!

I had a lot of fun painting the rocks in this batch. I was in a very colorful mood and just thinking about the up coming new year. I want different. I want change. I want it to begin with me! This has different flowers opened and as blossoms on it. I wrote the word
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Peace on Earth *Kindness Rocks*

Wouldn’t it be nice to have true “Peace on Earth”? Is it possible to have peace on earth? I think it is an achievable dream. Its just not going to be the result of a single person. To have peace world wide would be a collective effort. Something everyone can do small things to contribute
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My completed Nativity Scene !

I started this the on monday at a friend’s churches night out for the ladies. I knew I wanted to add colors and do something a little different than just the white that was the example. I can’t help it…  I really love colors and have a hard time sticking to the standard! So on
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Kitty Family rock!

This is a kitty family representing my family. 🙂 My daughters helped select the colors for everyone. Its one more rock being added to the keep pile since my girls do not want it hidden.