new years eve

Playing games!

I really didn’t get a chance to post a lot about what my little family got to do yesterday. I worked big time on cleaning and getting stuff organized for the new year. I really do not like taking down Christmas decorations so soon. But I want to get them tucked safely away for next year.
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Mega blok fun!

Its been a quiet evening since both girls woke up from their naps. We played with our mega bloks and sorted them into color groups of oranges/yellow/and white, pink/purple , blues, and greens. Then we did a little creative project to build a promt for something. I will share that later when the time is
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    This picture was taken last year as part of our new years eve celebration plans**. I had Olivia help me make a bunch of different clocks to put on bags which I then made for each hour counting down to midnight. When she napped, I filled them with little odds and end toys I
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Welcome 2013!

New years eve was the first of some long overdue choices! We enjoyed a nice evening at home free of drama and insults! Jim had to work early. I spent the day having our usual fun coloring and just enjoying the day. We also worked on a neat project that I planned semi last minute.