Memorial Day

Memorial Day is May 31st The day of the first big BBQ for most people in the USA happens on Memorial Day. A lot don’t quite understand the true meaning and importance behind this day. Its one to honor those that had died in service to their country.  Its to remember their sacrifice. I celebrate the
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Getting Dolled up!

My sister picked up some make up kits for my daughters. One had some eye shadow and other related odds and ends. The other had some nail polish and related accessories. The girls loved them! While my husband was setting up the charcoal and grilling outside the girls and I did our make up sitting
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Memorial day parade!

I took the girls to the city parade!!! It was so much fun! Livy and Abby both seemed to enjoy themselves a lot. Livy kept hoarding the candy and I was like “you have to share. can you give something to Abby to play with?” so she was like “okay” then piled up all the
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Memorial day eggs

Total cost: $0 .60 Yes, that’s 60 cents! The grocery store had a great sale going on for large eggs. 1 dozen for 49 cents! So we ended up buying a few.