I am pretty darn excited about making it to 21 weeks now in my pregnancy! So far it has been a real long bumpy road with a ton of morning sickness around the clock. I’m still on prescriptions to try and prevent that, but to no real avail.

Santa Salads & tomato soup!

I really loved this picture of my daughters eating dinner! Since it was christmas time I did go with a holiday theme for serverware and my girls got a kick out of eating a “santa salad” along with their soup (sadly it was made from can) and pasta. I am really glad tomatoes are permitted
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I really enjoy eating tasty meatless dishes. For me its a fun treat to try new recipes and do something different. Tonight’s menu plan is to make some Mexican pizzas. I found a great deal on these round hard shells that will make a perfect “pie crust”.  I have an assortment of fresh mushrooms, onions,
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Swedish Meatballs!

I really enjoy Swedish meatballs and pasta but its been forever since I had some. I usually ate it in the TV dinner entrees but since I have skipped doing those a long time ago and apt instead to make wholesome foods from scratch.  It was about time I tried to make this! I found
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