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Day 4 Chocolate Chip cookies!

Day four of our baking sweets for last years holiday celebrations was making Chocolate Chip Cookies! This was another recipe I made from the package. It was really easy and super fun! Olivia was definitely getting the hang of dumping ingredients into the bowl and then mixing. This one though, she didn’t want to put
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Day 3 butterscotch cookies

For our third day of making cookies last year we did butterscotch cookies!  This was a request by one of my husbands kids. This was a lot easier than I had expected. I followed the recipe on the package of butterscotch chips and they came out beautiful! I hadn’t expected baking cookies could really be
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Day 2: Hot cocoa cookies

On our second day of cookie making my family made Hot Cocoa Cookies!  This recipe I used was on the back of a canister of plain mini marshmallows like those found in hot cocoa.  One of the stores here had them on sale for like 1 dollar and had coupons for 50 cents off the
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Nightmare Before Christmas Party

To kick off the holiday celebration last year we did a Nightmare before Christmas themed party. We invited everyone/whoever over to enjoy some treats, decorate some cakes,and play some cards!  I know my girls had a lot of fun even if Abby was cuddled or laying down among card piles.

Coloring the eggs

This was a lot of fun though a new experience!!! I’ve always colored eggs as a kid or an adult using the cups of colored water a person dips/dunks eggs into. The box set Jim and I picked up had little bags you drop the egg into, then poor a few drops of color on
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