Meeting a Pony!

My family went to one of the local fall festival’s this past weekend. We live in a huge community that has a ton of farmers and ranchers. So its no wonder that one of the local families brought in two sweet ponies for the kids to meet and learn about. Olivia was eager to approach
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Making Bubbles!

I know both Olivia and Abigail really enjoy making bubbles. They really enjoyed using all those kits my sister and or I have bought them. I’ve also become pretty good at making more bubble liquids from dish soap. Yesterday though, I guess I got to really see how much Abigail loves them or water. 

Toddler Zones

The Blue Plum festival had a free children’s play area. Inside that zone there was a toddler play area that had a swing set, playhouse, and other odds and ends little kids enjoy. My girls loved it and we visited the area twice. Livy kept asking to go back when we were sight seeing around all
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There were a number of cute shops / vendors at the Blue Plum festival.  The majority of them were all handmade items that were super cute and unique. The girls loved exploring all the vendors and goods. They especially enjoyed the ones that sold various hair ties and girl accessories. I really liked the one that had
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Free plants and seeds!

While attending the Blue Plum Festival in Tennessee, they had an information booth giving out free plants and seeds! My family received two live plants and an assortment of seeds to plant. I’m so excited to get them going.