Crochet Reusable Breast pads *Pattern*

So… it was pretty embarrassing to be at a school related function for my girls to have well… lets just say, a milk accident! I was happy it started raining and I used one of Lilah’s diapers to try and prevent any more leaks while there.  It was a long fun day and by the time we
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Around a month left to go at most!

So anytime next month my little girl will be here! I really can’t wait. She’s super active every day dancing around in there. She really seems to love Ozzy and Black Sabbath since most songs by them get her in the groove. I’m not really craving anything anymore lately. I am drinking up everything. I’m
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WIP: Two crochet ponchos

I’m getting pretty close to being done with these two ponchos I’m making for my daughters. Its been a few weeks into this project now… I started off with the idea to make a shawl of some sorts. Then went this way with them instead since my oldest didn’t want it to have any openings. My
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Cherry Blossoms?

Its been a busy week! I hit 26 weeks yesterday in the pregnancy. Everything is going along great there. 🙂 Olivia is back to normal. She and Abigail have been enjoying the spring weather a great deal. The other day out while doing errands we came across some real pretty blossoms on some of the trees/bushes. 

Demon horns for 25 cents!

While at the grocery store getting a few odds and ends that were on sale I did a minor splurge on my girls. For the most part they were well behaved except for the time I had to walk Olivia away from her sister and to the check out line.  Abby stayed in the shopping
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When cleaning up my house after moving in, I did find an old pair of my sisters jeans. They were pretty worn at the inner thigh area so it was no wonder they would rip in some pretty awkward ways when worn! So I had trimmed them into shorts. It left me with two denim
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Uh oh! Sneaky fingers!

I had Abigail’s diaper rash cream in my purse. Its like needed for everything since we are still figuring out her allergies. Somehow little miss Abigail grabbed it out of my purse while I was making dinner. She put a dab of it on her nose while I was telling her to put it away.
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