5th ring!

So my oldest daughter earned another ring today. In fact she technically earned a few more than that. She only wanted one ring after the first time she did her business on the little girl potty. I am so proud of her! It has been a really fun day with it just being my girls
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4th ring!

My daughter earned her forth ring today! After yesterdays bit of her wanting to wear her little sisters diapers instead of her training pants I decided to just let her do whatever. I know she understands what she needs to do. She is demonstrating that knowledge when she is taking her little sisters clothes off
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Sparkly Blue nails!

I promised my oldest girl that if she behaved and helped me clean up the house, when we were done that I would paint her fingernails. She LOVES having her nails done.

She earned her third ring!!

All day today she has been wanting to go back to her old diapers and not the pull ups. So I am letting her set the stage on that and trying to encourage her to sit on the potty. Well, we were doing our night time routine and she asked to sit on the potty.
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livy's second ring

My oldest has learn’t how to turn on my camera and take pictures. Usually when shes taking pictures its of her feet, carebears, little sister, or ponies. however, today she decided to take a picture of her face and a close up of her ring she earned today. She really has not put them down
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First Ring! Prize!

My oldest girl earned her first ring today from going on her little girl potty!!! Its a big step to hopefully being potty trained some time before her third birthday! I hope! I figured to try out a reward method after talking about it a bit with my husband. I know how much she likes
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Free Hats!

We had to go to one of the semi local grocery stores to pick up a few last minute items for our Fourth of July BBQ we had planned. I’m not really a fan of the place because the people inside of it are rather rude and the prices are just crazy. If its not
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