family get togethers

a new spin on an old tradition!

While out doing some Christmas shopping… I spotted something super neat at the front entrance. What was it? New flavors for the Grape juice in the “wine bottle”! They had two flavors strawberry daiquiri and a mango  one.  I bought one of each for our new years eve celebrations. I’m pretty sure my girls will
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happy thanksgiving!

Happy thanksgiving! This is a little late and I’m sorry for that. The day before thanksgiving my daughters doctors office instructed to take her to the er for her 102.7 temperature and her crazy output. Thanksgiving day was spent snuggling her while my husband cooked the turkey, deserts, and stove top vegetables. My sister made
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WIP: Corn hole sets

I’m pretty proud of my 4 sets of pumpkins I made for the corn hole sets. I’m now working on the Christmas stocking ones. Got two crocheted and filled, and one more made. I’m just torn a bit on if I should make balls instead of stockings… As the stockings are not coming out nearly
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Busy 4th of July Weekend!

The past week has been a very hectic one traveling between three different states. The dr gave the go ahead on an out of state road trip. So my family went to get all of our stuff out of storage. Its been sitting in there since we moved back down south. The trip was eh
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My birthday!

 My birthday was wonderful yesterday. My family spent it at one of the parks grilling and enjoying the natural scenery of nature. The girls had a ton of fun playing and being kids. They even decorated the birthday cupcakes for me! I couldn’t have asked for a better day! 🙂  

Happy Easter!

Easter this year was a total blast. The girls did a lot better in meeting the Easter Bunny. This one didn’t have a lot of “formal” attire on. He seemed real open and friendly compared to some other Easter Bunnies the girls have seen in the past. They had a lot of fun going to
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This is my favorite game I received free in my party pack from house party for the Hasbro Game Night SIMON SWIPE Challenge! The first time it was brought out at our picnic at the park it was hard to see the lights in order to play. Even though the party group was under a
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