Candy inside yarn eggs day 1

This past Easter I found a really neat idea for a craft I could do with my girls. It was making yarn “eggs” with little treats inside. It took me a few tries before I got it right!!! Round up the supplies you will need some yarn, glue, balloons, candy(or toys), and a cup together. Step
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Easter Bunny Name Place Settings / Egg Holders 1. Making the bunny part http://lionpawsden.com/easter-bunny-place-settings-egg-holders/ 2. Adding Eyes and Noses http://lionpawsden.com/eyes-and-noses/ 3. Drawl on the whiskers and mouth – then its complete as seen pictured above! 🙂

almost done for easter!

We spent a lot of time out at the store yesterday morning and afternoon! But we got some great sales! Like Easter baskets for 80 cents after using a coupon… some my little ponies, harmony carebear, candy, etc. It took a while to find some  toddler safe toys to put in some eggs so shes
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I saw the idea of using pingpong balls into mini basketballs. Then making a hoop out of an empty diaper wipe flap thing on one of the kids craft shows we sometimes watch on weekends.

Coloring the eggs

This was a lot of fun though a new experience!!! I’ve always colored eggs as a kid or an adult using the cups of colored water a person dips/dunks eggs into. The box set Jim and I picked up had little bags you drop the egg into, then poor a few drops of color on
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