Step three: Assembly of My Little Pony Shelf

I had a lot of help from my husband on getting this assembled and put on the wall. Okay, I admit it he fixed all my mistakes and uneven screws and got my idea to work. I didn’t properly calculate for the crown molding on the bottom of the wall. As soon as it was
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Where did she go?

So I was getting some stuff ready to make some cookies. My oldest girl was there helping me when I went to put the spices back in the cabinet, she was out of the room. I called her name, no answer. So I go to check our bedrooms and this is how I found her!
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Carebear needs dinner too!

So tonight’s dinner was fantastic! Had some┬áhamburgers, turkey bacon, and hot dogs on the grill and I made a homemade macaroni and cheese pasta with broccoli and cauliflower.

night night carebear

So showers are done and its really time for bed. My youngest is already asleep in her crib and my oldest is running around with one of her carebears. She keeps covering it up with sale adds and tucking it in for night night. Now only she would take the hint and go to sleep
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potty training a carebear

So my daughter is two and a half. She was doing great on her potty chair but then she became a little jealous bean and wanted to do everything her little sister does. . Which happens to be wearing diapers and getting changed by mommy. Well, since she keeps playing with her carebears and putting
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