Christmas Dress for Barbie

Another first attempt for me here: Sewing a barbie dress (link to mylot article)!!! This was a lot of fun to work on and used a small scrap left over from making Abigail’s Christmas themed baking apron. I didn’t use a pattern. I did however use a piece of elastic in the waist to being it
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WIP: 2 Doll blankets almost done!!!

I have two of the doll blankets almost done. I just need to pull in the ends and sew a tiny spot closed (where I had flipped it right side out). This one will be donated to a local fundraiser along with other accessories… This one is Livy’s… I’m still working on Abigails and Delilahs
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More Crochet Monster High Clothes

Here are some more of the monster high accessories I have crocheted lately.  The girls helped take the pictures and had some fun with it all. 🙂                     I also tried my hand at making them some bathing suits:

WIP: Baby Doll Diaper Bags

I am not one to be able to refuse a request made by my daughters. So here is my latest sewing / crochet project in the works. I’m trying to make two baby doll diaper bags for my older daughters. Olivia helped me pick out three different scrap patterns/material pieces that she liked and thought
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Crochet Monster High Doll Dresses!

I have been pretty busy since my last post. I’ve been steadily working out, crocheting, and enjoying time with my family. For crochet I’ve mostly just been making small balls for corn hole (girls ran off with again) and Monster High Doll dresses. I love the ones the company puts out but they don’t really
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Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone!!! This morning started off with some giggles. My oldest daughter came in to wake me once she had got up and asked what today was. So I tell her the date and Happy St. Patricks Day! She gasps, runs to her room while saying “oh no! I must wear green
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Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day! I almost did not get any time to write up anything for today! It has been wonderful! My husband and I went with our two daughters and had breakfast out with my sister and her boyo.  We all went to Golden Coral and were able to enjoy whatever we liked. My sister
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Playing Doctor

The other day my husband gave both of our daughters a dollar because “they won” a contest. So when we went out to do a little shopping Olivia and Abigail got to pick out a toy to buy. It took them a while and they switched between a number of different toys before settling on
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