So Jim, the girls, and I still have colds! I got really worried yesterday when livy was refusing to eat or drink anything! Then I managed to get her to drink my decaf peppermint tea and after that she had some jello. We have just been watching Disney movies, coloring, and taking it easy. I
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crochet dress

I am not done making this dress! I am making this without a pattern and am just trying to make something cute and festive for party’s day. But I needed some help for feedback and posted some pics on facebook for help. I’m still open for ideas!                

sisters afghan

Back in September’s I finished one of my sister’s afghans and took the pic to taunt her before giving the troll and blanket to her.

Brown's Afghan

So I’m still working on and off on my hubby’s afghan. Its just about the perfect length to cover and keep my legs warm as I work on it. 🙂  Which will be super nice since its starting to get really cold. It was like 65 out last night or something, but to me it
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