Coloring Princess Masks

While at the Barnes and Nobles Frozen themed storytelling party night the girls both received little princess masks that could be colored, cut out, and made into masks. Olivia eagerly picked up a purple crayon and colored the whole crown in. She really does enjoy coloring just about everything and anything at home. Its something
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Had a coloring "party"

My sister came over for a visit while her boyo took my husband to his job interview today. While she was here it was a fun time to chat a little bit and get caught up some. Olivia was pretty antsy so I brought out some coloring books and our coffee can of crayons. We
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Foam Sea Embelishments

I found some foam sea embellishments among all of my older craft supplies.  I thought they were stickers at first, but quickly realized they were not. That’s okay, because it could still be a free fun afternoon activity to do with the girls. Olivia and Abigail started sorting them based on colors then again by
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Coloring outside

The day is just gorgeous outside. There are a ton of clouds out so the sun is nice and toasty for a little bit. Then the clouds offer a nice break for a little bit before it goes back to being nice and warm again. I brought out a big bead spread for us all
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is painting better than coloring?

I really love and enjoy painting with my daughters. Coloring with crayons is a lot of fun and not as messy as paint. But there just seems to be something about painting that just makes it so much better compared to colored wax sticks. It just might be that when painting, my daughters and I
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egyptian hieroglyphics

While cleaning and sorting through some old boxes of mine I found some of my “ancient” Egyptian hieroglyphics cards / stencils my mom made. It brought back all kinds of happy memories.

Making plans!

My husband and I worked on some more of our plans for the house. While we did that the girls each got some graph paper to do their own designs on too. It kept them busy so he and I could measure every possible thing from windows to door frames. Abigail mostly made just circles
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Drawling out the planets

After our second walk today my family enjoyed some time lounging around on our back patio. It started off with the girls and I drawling and coloring in Easter eggs. Then we started tracing shoes and feet. My husband joined in on the fun and drew out all of the planets and their orbits. It
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Easter Bunny Eggs

It was a nice day to drawl with chalk outside. Despite Olivia’s boo-boo this morning she was in great active spirits today. The girls were having fun just being outside. We played balls, we en joyed some snacks outdoors, and we all had fun coloring and drawling. I wrote out the alphabet to work on
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