Livy's Birthday Party

Olivia got to plan what theme she wanted to do for her birthday party. It was no surprise when she picked a frozen theme that both she and her little sister Abigail really love. So we made our own cupcake-birthday cake and had some family over to enjoy in the celebrations. I am really thankful
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Livy's 4th Birthday

Its really hard to think that my oldest little girl is now actually four years old! She is growing up so fast and is really a big help around the house in how much she does. She’s been eager to learn how to write and does a number of letters all on her own. She
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Little Brides

So my family all went out for pizza to celebrate my sisters birthday. The pizza place had some of those quarter video games and toy machines. My daughters enjoyed playing the games and my sister bought them each a little toy “jewlry” piece. Olivia got a cute sparkling ring and Abigail got a little spider.
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Opening her birthday present!

Abigail was super excited to have family over to enjoy a barbecue and cake on her second birthday. Her older sister Livy helped her blow out the candles on her cupcake flower cake we made at home. The girls even helped decorate it with sprinkles after their dad put the frosting on.

planters from the ~1970's

I’m pretty happy about still having these flower pots / planters. I only took one out for a quick photo snapshot. This one is the Taurus pot in a zodiac set that has eleven other ones for the rest of the signs. There are also matching bases too. I have two complete sets that were gifted
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Today is my husband’s birthday!!! So I don’t have a lot of plans to really spend in front of a computer. I’d rather just enjoy baking a cake for him and celebrating his day! 🙂

*my birthday* :)

Its my birthday! I keep saying I just “turned 27” but my husband is like “yeah, 27, year..”. Its a great morning, I woke up at 9 with Olivia. We curled up and ended up watching Lilo and Stitch together. I couldn’t get netflex to play a my little pony episode so she got to
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I can’t believe how excited Olivia was to help make a birthday cake for her brother. Soon as she was told that his birthday is coming up she wanted to make him a birthday cake and sing the birthday song to him. She has asked about it almost every day since. So today we had
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White chocolate hearts

Today I made some white chocolate hearts and butterfly candies. I melted the chocolate with a little bit of milk in the microwave. I  was sure to stir it every so often until it was completely melted. Then I filled the candy molds. The heart ones came out great but it took a lot longer
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