Bear Face

My daughter Olivia made this adorable Kindness Rock! I can’t believe today is her 7th Birthday!!!

Abigail turned 5!!!

My little girl is growing up more and more each day. 🙂 Its been a busy day of watching the Smurfs movie a few times and sewing a lot. Abby wanted me to make some new dresses for everyone and I did. Its my first time trying to sew dresses.  I did it in a
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Delilah is One!

Delilah had her first birthday party yesterday!!! Olivia and Abigail did a fantastic job on baking the cake (I only put the pans in and out of the oven) and helped with a few small tasks. They made a Delilah troll with a pink face like Princess Poppy and then rainbow colored hair. I did
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Shes six!

My oldest daughter Olivia is now six years old!!! Like how in the world did that happen? She’s my baby girl and she’s really wanting to not be a baby anymore. 🙁 I really love the sweet, compassionate little lady she is turning out to be. It seems like every day there is a little
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Abby is four!!!

Abigail turned four on August 2nd! Shes now a big girl in a booster seat when in the car and super excited.   *Lilah is hungry so more to come later!

50 years!!!

My family spent my husband’s 50th birthday at home yesterday. 🙂 I’d love to have been able to say I baked him his birthday cake. Sadly, he was the one to do that. I did sit down and frost and decorate it with our daughters. He also made just about everything for the cook out
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My birthday!

 My birthday was wonderful yesterday. My family spent it at one of the parks grilling and enjoying the natural scenery of nature. The girls had a ton of fun playing and being kids. They even decorated the birthday cupcakes for me! I couldn’t have asked for a better day! 🙂  

Birthday girl's day!

I can’t believe my oldest baby girl is now officially five years old! Livy really has grown up to be a very wonderful little lady filled with a lot of love and compassion for others. Most of her morning was spent playing dress up and playing outside on the kids swingset. She wore two pairs
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