Love all animals!

View from my sewing machine space...

Originally I was going to stick my new sewing machine in front of the glass sliding doors of the livingroom. I decided instead to stick it in one of the extra bedrooms that is now turning into an office / craft room. I also swiped the girls writing desk and instead gave them a bar height
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Groundhog gets a say (book)

 I picked up this charming book for a quarter at a second hand shop. I couldn’t resist it since I really didn’t have any groundhog day themed books! This is a cute informative story. A groundhog provides facts concerning themself  while some other animals chime in now and then with some sarcastic banter. Its a
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WIP:  blanket /mat for our puppy

Well, olaf technically isnt actually a puppy anymore. He still is my puppy! I’ve been working on a granny square blanket for him. I’m using two threads at the same time to make it more like a thicker mat to hopefully stand-up to being used a lot. There is no real pattern other than I’m
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Yarn Thief is Finally Asleep!

I took this picture the other day when my little yarn thief finally curled up and went to sleep against my thigh, under the crochet rug I’m working on. She’s my oldest daughter’s kitty cat and is very active and playful. My kitty cat is a bit over 12 years old and plays occasionally, but
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I finally got it!

The other day my husband was like “look honey, a cardinal is outside!”! I take a peak and see the gorgeous bird is in fact dancing about one of the apple trees in my front yard. I told the girls to make their wishes and grabbed my husband’s video camera. Its really hard to explain
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Woolly Worms!

The other day when I was walking out of a room I found Buckeye my cat swatting at something on the floor. At first I thought it was a pony toy or something and then it moved. So I take a closer look at see that it is a woolly worm! These are cute little
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