Sweet Treats

My husband came home with a big box of chocolate! I am really glad he was able to get it at his store. Its like a big family tradition to have one of those boxes of sweets every year for the holidays.  The problem was most places sell them for 20 dollars a box! That’s CRAZY! His store had a box for 5 dollars but they kept being sold out.

Today, they had a few boxes and he picked one up. Though I am happy he got them, I’m not so happy either. I ate two pieces of the candy. One was the caramel kind and the other was the fudge kind. Both tasted really great but I don’t want this kind of temptation! I am happy to say the caramel pieces will be gone soon if he eats them. Then my temptation will not be there and I can leave the box of candy alone!

Do you have good control when it comes to sweets? I do… for the most part, unless is caramel or something with cherries!



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