Sweet Snack in the afternoon!

I picked up a few of the giant Easter suckers. Dollar General had them on sale for like 90% off. So it made them 5 cents a piece. I bought three and used a 5 dollar off 25 dollar purchase so I saved even more money when buying them. A few pennies might not seem like much, but every cent does add up.

My husband didn’t care to eat one of the three so Olivia, Abigail, and I each enjoyed one. I should say I enjoyed all three and the girls each sampled two. He opened up two suckers and gave one to each of our daughters. When I opened mine, Olivia traded hers for mine. Then Abigail later wanted mine when hers was halfway gone.

It was a nice treat to have while we all sat outside enjoying some sun. I’m glad I bought the candy even if a few of them were a little cracked. They tasted great!



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