Swedish Meatballs!

I really enjoy Swedish meatballs and pasta but its been forever since I had some. I usually ate it in the TV dinner entrees but since I have skipped doing those a long time ago and apt instead to make wholesome foods from scratch.  It was about time I tried to make this!

I found an easy recipe to follow online** and purchased all the ingredients minus the rosemary. I forgot that but luckily my neighbor had some I could borrow. I never thought soy-sauce would be in Swedish meatballs but it is one of seven ingredients.

I made them as directed. When I sampled them after a little over 20 minutes (the cook time) they just didn’t taste all that right to me. It seemed like they were missing something. So I let it all cook longer and tried the sauce again. It tasted a lot better like what I kind of remembered It still felt like something was just missing. So I added in some sliced mushrooms and cooked it for another half hour on low.

They came out super delicious! I reheated the left overs and my family had them for lunch with hot cocoa.


** Recipe I followed http://allrecipes.com/recipe/easy-swedish-meatball-sauce/



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