Super savings!

I stopped by a different dollar general store today only to see the sale adds for additional 50% off clearance still going on. I had no clue how long the sale really went on as it only said it started on a set date and nowhere on the flyer did it have an end date. So I picked up some items that I can really use. I got some more snack bowels for the girls, plates to use, and I even found a package of Tinkerbell girl underwear (can never have two many when potty training and having another toddler potty trained).

When I went to check out the prices didn’t reflect all the sales signs they had up. I mentioned the signs and the associate said the sale had ended. I asked why the signs were still up and she asked where. I showed the associate where a number of them where and she did take them down. She spoke to her manager and they still honored the price of the sale sign!

Woo hoo! so all in all, I am really happy that I was able to spend under five dollars to buy 12 plastic plates, 12 plastic food serving baskets.  6 bowels, and three pairs of toddler undies. They were really good deals! This should definitely help in what we have to serve and prepare food with while all of our stuff is still in storage from our big move out of state.



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