Are super hurricanes going to be the new normal?

I am definitely grateful of my choice to leave Florida after my mother passed away and we had three hurricanes crisscross over our house destroying it. With all the legal battles going on concerning my grandmothers estate and my moms, there had been no insurance policies on the houses. So when they were destroyed there was no money to replace or rebuild.

My sister and I also had no family there that cared or would help us. So it was making the best of the worst, to sell the land (that what we did) and move somewhere without hurricanes.

I feel bad for all the people that still live down there that are now preparing for Hurricane Irma. Water is selling out. Places running out of gas or have super long lines that extend well beyond the gas station. So much more in the general panic some of the bigger storms bring. I don’t miss it. I don’t miss it at all.

Its crazy that people keep calling it a category 6 hurricane because of the power of the storm. However, it can’t be a category 6. According to the Saffir-Simpson scale a category five is a storm of 157 or more… There isn’t a cut off point to make a new category. Why? Because cat 5 do catastrophic damage.

The storms may get to powers of extreme proportion. But its hard to go past total devastation in terms of damage.

Its no wonder though about it being a super storm, with all the predictions that went along with the threat of global warming. Its sad that uneducated people still think its a conspiracy that isn’t true. That there is no threat of how the environment can change because humans were stupid and greedy and focus on destroying the planet and each other. President #45 is happy to be ignorant of true important matters and won’t take care of the environment.

This storm may very well just be the first of what can be the new normal.  That is more often big storms hitting more frequently than they have normally done in the past.

Hurricane Harvey wrecked Houston.  God knows what Hurricane Irma will do to Florida.

These super storms have been talked about in the scientific community for a while now, as something we could try to avoid if we take time to re-evaluate how we pollute and try to fix the damage we’ve done. Still, we do nothing to look over our mistakes. Instead, we keep polluting the world and destroying it.

Its awful. 🙁

Here I sit in the mountains, watching the news and not wanting to see the updates. I keep thinking back to all the times my mom, my grandmother, and my siblings had to pack a car and evacuate our homes. I miss them so very much.  For a lot of it, the storms did nothing but some flooding and broken tree limbs. Those were minor and easy to clean up with time. The house was still there and we still had each other.

I’m glad my children don’t have to go through that panic and fear. Instead, they can sit back and color and dream big dreams to do good things in the world now and in the future.

I really hope everyone will be safe down in Florida.  I really hope these storms might be a good warning to #45 that he should perhaps take a good science / weather class so he can become informed on weather and the environment. I pray that the major hurricanes won’t be the new normal for this world.

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