Such a wonderful Christmas!

I had wished people Merry Christmas over on other media outlets and forgot my blog!

I took this picture when I was still waiting for my kids to wake up in the morning.  🙂 They loved everything that Santa brought them.

My family has been real blessed this year. I’m very thankful and grateful for that. The girls all believe in the Santa Magic and the wonder of Christmas. They really earned and deserved this special surprise. I’m glad God helped provide so many blessings this year. My husband worked so hard to make this possible.

So its been a very busy few days with my kids all home from school on winter break. They’ve been enjoying all the dolls, crafts, and other assorted goodies they were gifted with this year. Especially that basketball game!

Its going to be a very busy up coming days. We have New Years to look forward to and in LESS than a week my oldest baby girl is turning seven years old! 7!



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