Story rocks and bags!

I saw the idea of story rocks online. Its cute and sounded like fun! I asked the girls if they wanted to make some and they did. So my kids and I have been working on it off and on while painting other kindness rocks to share.

The bags

The girls picked the colors for their bags. Livy selected blue, Abby wanted red, and my sister is happy with green. I haven’t decided on mine yet.

I’m using material scraps from other projects to make our bags. A 1$ fabric square from walmart could easily make one bag with material left over.

Mini Rocks

The girls and I have been finding tiny pebbles in our driveway or along the road on walks for them. Most are smaller than an American quarter.

Its kinda easy yet a fun challenge to paint little images on them for story prompts. Easy because if you make a mistake its not to hard to start over… but a challenge because on small rocks we would likely do way better with a fine tip marker or painting pen… (maybe a future purchase…)

Telling a story

The idea behind it is a person can randomly take out a stone and incorporate the image/picture in to the ongoing story.

The rocks can easily be traded and what have you. 🙂
I think this could even be a cute gift for a teacher!

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