Stop Bullying

I was reading some really sad status updates on my facebook this past few weeks. It seems it doesn’t get better for some people because not every parent past or present wants to teach their kids to be respectful and nice to other individuals.  One mother / friend of mine is looking to home school her daughter because the schools no tolerance for bullying does nothing to protect her child from cruel remarks from other children. defines bullying as an aggressive act between children. It is a childish behavior but it can continue to adulthood. Inconsiderate people can still be cruel and heartless to other people at work, college classes, and anywhere.  Sadly, I know adults who are experiencing bullying in the workforce. They, like my friends daughter, are getting no help from the authorities of the workforce. Why? Because they haven’t “seen it” or “heard it” yet.

Where it might be easier for a parent to take their kids from school, what is an adult suppose to do when its at their work place? There are no real laws against it. The most a person can do is document it and try to take it to the courts.

Parents, people of all kinds, need to take a moment and consider how their actions might affect those around them. Even if a person isn’t the one saying or doing nasty things to another person, they can still be a bully. By being an ear to listen or a set of eyes to watch it, if the person does nothing to stop it they are just as guilty as the person doing the bullying.

October is bullying awareness month! Its great to be aware of it! But it would be nice to also take some steps to consider and support the victims.




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