Still setting up Christmas

10850145_859990800700974_5189437775899222720_nI’m about to go back to finishing getting all of the christmas stuff out of boxes. I had a number of them of things from previous years that included an assortment of bulbs and other odds and ends. Yesterday my daughters and I got everything done except for the dishes.

I have a huge moving box yet to go through in which I need to hand wash and dry all of the glasses and things so we can use them this month. I am hoping most of them are not broken as I did check briefly. A few some were broken and others were okay. Its a box that I don’t think was touched since when I packed up these dishes from my mom’s curio.

So after I finish this, then everything is done in the house except for setting up our tree (still need to buy one) and just enjoying the season making crafts and baking!

+lionpaw photo – Livy’s kitty sneaking in a box while we were unpacking things.

Are you ready for Christmas?


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