Steaks and Games!

My husband made some really delicious food this evening! Its kind of funny since we now have three decks of Hand and Foot Cards. Each deck is actually 4 decks of cards. The one my family has been playing so much has a few bent cards. So the last time my husband and I were at the store we bought four more decks of cards. Unknown to us, my sister and her husband went out and also purchased four more decks of cards!

So now we have 3 full decks of Hand and Foot sets!

Tonight we got to have another family BBQ night. My husband made a ton of delicious steaks, hot dogs, and other odds and ends.

It was super fun and I was able to toss around some ideas for my up and coming Hasbro Game Night SIMON SWIPE Challenge this July 4th! Its never to early to get some input on snacks and food items people might like for a party! I can’t wait for this party day. It will be super fun to play some different games than what we all have been playing lately. Not to mention some of the games included in the complementary party pack are variations of games I remember playing as a kid.



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