I had some fun stargazing last night with my family. My husband was looking for something to do and the girls were nowhere near ready for bed. Abigail had a late nap during a drive to pick up some pizzas for dinner. Livy was just an energetic butterfly. So I suggested to take out our telescope.

It had been years since i last used it and I vaguely remembered how to put it together. Even back then I had a little help from a friend putting it together. My husband took a peak at the directions and got it put together for us. We took it outside and looked for a few stars. It was super cloudy and the moon was not at all in sight!

Olivia and Abigail had fun peaking in to look for things.

It made me think of my mom a lot, since she was the one who purchased the telescope for me when I was in grade school with a big interest in everything astronomy /physics related.



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