St patricks day board game!

I’ve made board games in the past with my family. It’s super easy and can be real cheap to do!

17352892_1436204569746258_805159377_nIt seems real fitting to play a game of luck on st Patrick’s day!

I picked up a green poster board at one of the dollar stores and already had the pencils, crayons, etc in our craft collection.

I did the general layout with pencil to drawl a rainbow (finish at the pot of gold) on one end of the board and Olivia did the swing-set (start) on the other in the semi middle.  People can have as creative as they want and there is no harm in stuck figure drawings or gluing down cut out pictures to embellish blank space.  My girls cut out some gold coins they drew to add to the game 🙂

I just used two pencils taped together (around a baby bottle) to do the path of the game.

Everyone (especially Abigail) helped drawl lines to make individual spaces. Then we all colored it in. Delilah helped a bit with some assistance 🙂

I plan to play the game with dice and pawns we already have from other board games.


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