St Patricks Day 2012!

I was soooo happy I had the morning of the parade off from work! I never thought that they would do the parade a week earlier, when St Patrick’s Day actually fell on a Saturday. But they did. The parade was early afternoon and I had work at 2.

I had a hard time keeping my hat on Olivia or the one I did crochet for her! She kept taking it off!Little Livy standing up and watching all the big decorated trucks and cars driving down to us at the start of the parade. She was all eager and excited. Then the firetruck’s sirens scared her for a minute. But once she started getting candy handed to her she was as happy as can be.She got a little bracelet pictured above, tons of suckers (I let her eat one at the parade), and a set of purple shiny beads. She really enjoyed it. Once it was over and I  was trying to get her back in the stroller to go home, she cried the entire way home.

I did crochet the hat and shawl. I just started with a chain and rotated between single and double crochets to try and make something nice that at least resembled a hat and shawl….   I think I did pretty good since I didn’t follow a pattern.  🙂



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