Something on a Stick Day

March 28th is Something on a Stick Day!

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAwhat does that mean? Its a food item on a stick of some sort from toothpicks to popsicle sticks.   Even a pretzel stick counts too!

Do you have a favorite snack item that is eaten off a stick rather than usual eating utensils? I love popsicles and suckers!! I had fully planned to make sandwiches on a stick for today but life had other plans.

Activities to celebrate today!

1. Spend time in the kitchen making a stick based snack.

* Make your own candy suckers

*  Make your own popsicles / frozen fruit treats

* cheeses, fruit, and vegetables can be fun on tooth picks

2. Decorate your sticks – use paper and non-toxic items to embellish tooth picks or skewers (for older kids).



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