Solved: The Case of the Missing Socks!

PIC_0568I know I’m not the only person to ever put in exact pairs of socks into a washing machine and then dryer, only to find I am missing socks when I am putting the clothes away. Its happened all to frequently!

Sure using a safety pin might be great to keep them together but sometimes, I just don’t remember to do that!

Well, I now know what happens to all the missing socks. They turn invisible and HIDE! Yes, they HIDE!

Why do I know this? Because I was at the laundrymat the other day. I check the inside of the washers and dryers first before I use them. I learnt this after getting a load of ruined clothes because something was left in one before I used it. So I do look inside and I even give it all a quick spin to make sure nothing is hidden (I also spin after I think I emptied it).

So, I was very confident in having a completely empty washer before I washed my clothes and an empty dryer before I used that too.

So can you imagine my surprise when I was sorting and folding clothes at home and found a little spider man sock in the mix? Its not my daughters! It had to have been invisible and hide itself inside of my load!

They are sneaky socks!

I would return it to the laundromat if it were not for the blizzard going on! So I guess my daughters have a new sock to use with their dolls! They have been using their socks as sleeping bags for their my little ponies and other small toys.



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