So proud of my little seat!

My family and I moved into our house about three months ago. My husband has creatively made some seating inside. Outside though, its a bit non-existent. There is of course the option to sit on the wooden stairs coming down from our back deck. Then there is also this very old white wicker chair which is a lot more comfortable than it looks.

We had a few concrete bricks that were left over from an old dog house the previous owners of the house had left. Then my husband had two board pieces left over from his project on the stairs he fixed. My idea? make a little make shift seat!

Two bricks stacked on top of each other on each side really turned out to be the perfect height. I sat on it and it was very comfortable! There was even enough room for Abigail to sit down next to me and I set a drink on the other side. So that’s where I enjoyed some crochet time while the girls swam and my husband had the wicker chair.

He said this gave him an idea for making some more real permanent outside furniture. 🙂



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