So many boxes! *My boxing goals for today*

10155813_736735536359835_2937054467949742561_n10253993_736735503026505_3992333289301699486_nMy husband brought home a huge stack of boxes. The girls immediately started playing in them and moving them around.  I swear sometimes I don’t think people ever need to buy toys. Just give a kid a new box every so often and let their imagination run rampant!

Whatever box Livy or Abby crawled into, the other just had to be in it too. Its kind of funny watching two toddlers try to get in or out of box without accidently stepping on the other. They just had so much fun!

I hope they keep that happy glow the entire time we end up packing up the house to move! Its going to be a long few weeks! Once we are all nicely settled in watching sunsets and sunrises on the mountain it will be worth it!

My boxing goals for today:

1. DE clutter some toys and get them boxed up if the girls nap.

2. Pack up my husbands and my bedroom –

3. Start narrowing down my craft supplies.

4. Start packing up the extra kitchen supplies!



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