So frustrated with amazon! 3 orders now.. will I get one?

Apparently if I want to receive an order I made online through amazon, the best bet is to actually drive over to another city in another state and retrieve it myself. Seriously, if I’m gonna go through all of that, why didn’t I just go ahead and call stores in closer towns and cities to find it instead of ordering online with the supposed two day shipping as a prime member?

Cause its something thats a little bit of a pain to find. Delilah, my baby girl who has been having issues gaining weight since she was induced early, can’t have milk/dairy. So I’ve been on a soy based diet as milk is the only allergy item that can go through breast milk to cause a reaction to a baby.

So back on February 22nd my husband and I placed two orders. He did one for movies that arrived within the two day shipping period. My order for a raw organic meal supplement / vitamin boost and medela breast milk storage containers was delayed.

Then delayed again.

Then one night it showed it had been delivered (the day we had to go out of town to another city for an appointment).

There was really bad weather when we got back and I didn’t see any package on the door step (none of them). I also looked around the yard since there was an awful storm going on that had 80+ mile per hour winds.

So I contacted them and they said it would be delivered next day, it hadn’t been delivered yet (though site said it had been). Still no package on the next day.

At which point, Amazon does a replacement order (my order number 2).

It had a delivery date that came and went.

I contacted them last night about it not being there on the expected delivery date.

They said first thing this morning it would be delivered (they talked to someone in the shipping area).

Well, morning comes and goes and surprise – surprise… no delivery truck has been down this mountain road.

I open a ticket when it says “sorry for the delay” with an estimate of next week.

So 2+ weeks after I ordered the first one, the second one might come?

So frustrated, I used chat.. to speak to a manager.

The manager told asked me this during our conversation:pickupin

“I hate to ask something like this but if required, would it be possible for you to pick the items up from Bristol? I will try my best to ensure that the situation does not reach that point but if it turns out to be something out of our control, then you may have to pick the items up.”

The manager refunded the amount of the order so I can purchase it all over again, which I did for my third order. Even with over night shipping charges waved the estimated date still isn’t until next week.


I laughed when the manager made a comment to the extent that they hope this doesn’t impact my choice to use them again for future orders.

Why yes it has. Like I said when they offered the “free month of prime” I don’t care about it. For something that I’d have to order every 3-4 weeks and it takes over 2+ weeks just to get it… why would I want to go order my second canister of it for when my first one runs out… when I still don’t even have it?

Like seriously? Not to mention I had every intention to buy some raw organic coconut oil because its suppose to help with increased breast milk supply!





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