So Close to a free movie ticket!

I am not one to usually go out and purchase something just because I can earn a great freebie from it! I mean sure I might stand in a store and debate between cereals and usually go for the Kellogg brand ones because I can earn great points and rewards from them. Especially if they are on sale and are a better deal than the other options.

But I am one Spiderman Code away from a free movie ticket! I really thought yesterday when I purchased five boxes of cereal that I would have enough codes for the ticket since three of them had the bonus for the Spiderman thing. It brought my total for Spiderman codes to 5 with the ones I had saved from other purchases. However, instead of it being 5, its actually 6! So I plan to purchase one more box of cereal for the reward point.

What can I say? The new Planet of the Apes movie just hit theaters. I would LOVE to go see Dawn of the Planet of the Apes really bad. So a free movie ticket would be just awesome!




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