Snow days!

20170107_112245As much as I hate the snow… I am really glad there is snow on the ground. My oldest daughter has been wanting it really bad and kept talking about it.

So my kids are happy and that makes me happy.

Especially when I get to see the happiness radiating from them as they bounce around in it throwing snowballs, building snow castles, making snow angels, and sledding.

The first round of sledding both Olivia and Abigail were climbing the hill to the top. I had already put the sleds up there for them since they are still little kids and can’t really get up there holding them.

Well livy slipped and landed on her sled and started going down. She runs into Abigail who falls forward and lands on olivias back and then just holds onto her sister for the rest of the ride.

It was So cute and funny…it totally made being out their shivering my behind off we’ll worth it.


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