Sneaky plans!


At the end of the summer season last year I picked up an amazing deal when all of the dollar general things went on clearance for 90% off plus a coupon for even more savings!

I basically bought one on sale and got like 9 free!

I had a general idea on what I was going to use them for but not a real for sure idea. I mean I figured it would be a fun thing to do an Easter egg hunt for friends and family kids. Then let all the kids get a  free ball. Just a little way to have some family fun.

But now, I have some even better plans…  Dodge BALL and my sister will be the target when she comes up to visit. Being the good sister I am, I did give her a warning that I kind of hope &Devyx forgets when shes up here.

My dilemma is how am I going to find a spot to hide the balls, so I can sneakily get her with one when shes not looking? Should I hide a big stash in one pile? Do I find sneaky places to put individual balls….  How should I do this?



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