S’mores Day!

August 10th is S’mores Day!

Do you enjoy S’mores? I would say its safe to say I do enjoy this tasty treat from time to time as I know I have written about them occasionally! Its a real simple treat to share with friends and family. Especially around a bonfire!

I have seen people make them in several different manners. Some where the marshmallow is roasted in the fire then put between two gram-crackers with a piece of Hersey’s chocolate. Other times where all the ingredients are stacked together and wrapped in aluminium foil and set to warm by the fire so all the gooey goodness can melt together. The last way I have seen smores made was when a person stacked it all together and ate it cold / not melted. How do you make yours?

Things to do to enjoy the day!

1. Enjoy some┬áS’mores by the campfire!

2. Get crazy with your smores! Try other flavor combinations! Marshmallows come in all sorts of colors, shapes, and flavors. Its super easy to experiment with them and they are not to hard to make yourself!

Happy Smores eating today if you plan to celebrate!


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