Smile at Your Neighbor… a human rainbow?

In the free kit I ordered was an awesome kids music CD. It has an adorable catchy tune that I would probably stick in my favorites list.  Its called Smile at Your Neighbor and its by the USA Government. It had a page that said all materials are in public domain, but I’m not going to post all the lyrics just a line I really enjoy.

The line is “Look around the room, and what do I know?  Lots of colors in the human rainbow”

I think its super important to teach this message to our kids and future generations. It just has so many messages in this song about being friendly, being accepting, and being considerate. These are qualities I am thankful my daughters are already portraying when they meet new people.


Smile at Your Neighbor (I receive no compensation. This is a government website that has the lyrics and song available to listen to).

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