six kittens ” I love them all! They are sooo cute”.

So my mommy cat Ponyo  got out of her nursing box to eat. I was able to count and see exactly how many kittens there are. We have one black and white tuxedo kitten that looks like her. Two gray marble like ones where they kind of look calico but not. Then we have three black ones who may have a few spots of white.  They were all suggled up into a big ball.

They are so tiny and not even 24 hours old yet.

They cry like crazy the moment she gets up to go snack.

They are all so adorable!!!

I tried to explain about baby kittens to Olivia ad she just didn’t quite get it. So I took her in to show her the kittens. She got all excited and said ” I love them all! They are sooo cute”. Then she wanted to show Abigail because she knew her sister would love the kittens too.

When they turn six weeks old, I already have a great home for two with one of my sisters.



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