Sisters Day

20108117_1529344183771126_8279961884026172106_n The first Sunday of August is dedicated to Sisters Day. In 2014 it falls on August 3rd; in 2015 it will fall on August 2nd, and in 2016 it will fall on August 7th.

Its a wonderful day to remember how important sisters are to each other and families! To me, my sister is very important to me! She has been a great rock to help out my family whenever it was needed.

Its wonderful watching how my daughters are growing up and love each other. They are definitely ying and yang but their differences work into making them a perfect little team.

Things to do today

1. Spend some time with your sister if you have any. Enjoy a nice lunch out or dinner together at home. It really shouldn’t matter but its a nice day to connect and enjoy a little chat.

2. Go through some old family photos and share them! Who knows what sort of memories can be laughed at or enjoyed together. 🙂

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